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Chasing Fall Colors in Blairsville - Rent a Cozy Georgia Cabin or Stay in a Bed and Breakfast

Mountain view in the georgia fall
Fall North Georgia Mountain Views

The fall foliage in Blairsville is a sight to behold. The leaves on the trees change color, creating a kaleidoscope of reds, oranges, and yellows. It's a beautiful time to visit the North Georgia mountains, and Misty Mountain Inn is the perfect place to stay. The trees in the north of Georgia are the first ones to reach peak fall colors, usually around the end of October or beginning of November at higher elevations, whereas colors continue to blanket lower elevations into early November.

Historical Peak Color Change Dates In North Georgia

2022 | October 10 2021 | October 9 2020 | October 23 2019 | October 18 2018 | October 13 2017 | October 19 2016 | October 25 2015 | October 17 2014 | October 23 Source- Leaf Watch (|

*Note - does not take into account impact of elevation

Weather plays a big factor - El Niño? Stay in a Cozy Cabin or Bed and Breakfast

The colors of fall leaves are caused by a chemical called anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is produced in the leaves in response to cooler temperatures and shorter days. When the days get shorter, the leaves stop producing chlorophyll, which is the green pigment that gives leaves their color. This allows the anthocyanin to show through, giving the leaves their beautiful fall colors. The weather can affect the colors of fall leaves in a number of ways. Cooler (not freezing) temperatures and shorter days are necessary to produce anthocyanin, so if the weather is too warm or the days are too long, the leaves may not change color as much. During El Niño years, the weather in Georgia is typically warmer and drier than usual. This can lead to earlier leaf drop in the fall, as the trees start to prepare for winter earlier than usual. As a result, the fall foliage in Georgia may not be as vibrant or colorful during El Niño years. However, it's important to note that the impact of El Niño on fall foliage in Georgia is not always consistent. Some years, the impact is more pronounced than others.

Rainfall can also affect the colors of fall leaves. Rain can wash away anthocyanin, which can lead to duller colors. However, rain can also help to break down chlorophyll, which can lead to brighter colors.

Fall leaves chemistry

Wind can also affect the colors of fall leaves. Wind can damage the leaves, which can lead to duller colors. However, wind can also help to distribute anthocyanin evenly throughout the leaf, which can lead to brighter colors.

Overall, the weather can have a big impact on the colors of fall leaves. Cooler temperatures, shorter days, rainfall, and wind can all affect the way that leaves change color. So, if you're planning on enjoying the fall foliage this year, be sure to keep an eye on the weather forecast!

Book your cozy Georgia cabin rental accommodations early! Fall is a popular time to visit the Georgia mountains, so it's important to book your accommodations early. Give Misty Mountain Inn & Cottages a call. We offer a full service Bed and breakfast as well as 6 small cozy cottages or cabins.

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