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Tips for Hikers

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Hiking can, especially in the mountains or other remote areas can be fun, but if not properly prepared it can be very dangerous. I’ll forgo basic insights like choosing a trail commensurate with your experience, the right back pack, proper shoe type/fit & drinking plenty of H2O. I will instead focus on

personal safety.

First, let someone dependable know your complete hiking plan. Information such as,

where you will be going, route taken & time you plan to return. And better yet, invest in a personal locator beacon with the ability to send text messages.

Second, hike with a friend or companion. Look for like minded people by joining a hiking group in person or even on social media. Search & rescue is challenging enough, but when time is of the essence not having a good location can make it nearly

impossible to be found. Take it from a seasoned first responder, do your part to take the search out of your rescue by following these simple tips.

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