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Misty Mountain Inn Policy 








Our goal is to ensure fairness and satisfaction for all our guests. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to our policies. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

ARRIVAL TIMES -  Check-in is after 3:00 PM but before 8:00 PM on the day of rental commencement unless special arrangements have been made with MMIC.  Checkout is 10:00 AM on the date of rental termination.   To ensure we are prepared for your arrival, please let us know the time we should expect you to arrive.

CHILDREN - We are not equipped to accept children under the age of 13. 


PETS - As most rooms have carpet and to minimize noise or disruptions, pets are not permitted at the Inn.


OCCUPANCY - Guest(s) understands that Misty Mountain Inn will only accept reservations from responsible adults at least 21 years of age. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS. Guests who initiate rental will remain responsible for all guests(s) or Licensee of Guest(s) during occupancy of the subject property. 


ADDITIONAL GUESTS - Unless otherwise stated in the room description, rates are for single or double occupancy. No more than two people per room. Only one bed per room and we can not accommodate requests for two beds in a room. No outside visitors past 10 pm who are not staying at the Inn.


DIRECT BOOKING CANCELLATION POLICY - All cancellations for reservations made through third-party platforms (VRBO, Airbnb, etc.) will be handled according to the respective platform's policies. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and we strive to accommodate cancellations whenever possible. However, as a small business, cancellations have a significant impact on our operations. When we reserve a room for you, we turn away other inquiries for those nights, effectively holding that room unavailable for other potential guests.

Payment: Upon booking, a 50% deposit is required to secure your reservation. The remaining balance is due 14 days prior to your arrival.

Refunds: Refunds, minus any credit card processing fees incurred by MMIC are made; if your check-in date is 14 days or more away AND/OR you request a refund within 24 hours of booking. For cancellations made within 14 days of the check-in date, refunds are not available. However, we will make every effort to rebook your cabin or suite. If we are successful in booking the reserved accommodation, you will receive a refund, minus any credit card processing fees incurred by MMIC.

TRIP CANCELLATION/INTERRUPTION - We highly recommend direct book guest purchase trip cancellation/interruption insurance in case of family emergencies/bad weather delays, flight/rental car cancellations, job loss, snow/ice, Covid-19 bans/restrictions, etc. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, forest fires, etc., and cannot make your trip, please seek reimbursement through your travel insurance.

DAMAGE DEPOSIT - A $125 hold will be placed on your credit card 15 days prior to your reservation and it will be released 3 days after checkout. 


QUIET TIME - We want to do our absolute best to provide each guest with the opportunity to Rest & Renew. To do this we ask that all guests do their best to minimize noise at all hours of the day. But, we do ask that all guests honor a 10 pm quiet period which lasts until 8 am.

TELEPHONE – Inn rooms do not have telephones. Cellular reception cannot be guaranteed.


FIREPLACES - Some Inn rooms are equipped with a gas or electric fireplace which are available from 31 October thru 01 April. If using the gas fireplace, do not leave the fireplace burning unattended; e.g. while you are asleep or away from your room.


NO SMOKING - All rooms are NON-SMOKING and this policy is strictly enforced. Smoking is allowed by the pond. Dispose of cigarette butts or other smoking byproducts in the trash before re-entering the Inn. Please do not dispose of cigarette butts in the yard or surrounding areas. Any smoking indoors or on room patios will result in a $350 special cleaning fee to remove smoke odor.


ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE - By Georgia Law, no drinking of alcoholic beverages by persons under the legal age of 21 is allowed. NO HOUSE PARTIES ALLOWED (see occupancy rules). Violation will be cause for immediate eviction with the loss of all booking monies paid.


WILDLIFE - Deer, Coyote, Bear, Turkey, Possum, Raccoons, Ladybugs, Carpenter Bees, Wasps, Mice, Squirrels, Scorpions, Ticks, Ants, Chiggers, etc. may be encountered. There is no refund for the presence of typical North Georgia mountain creatures.


SEPTIC - Do not flush anything other than the toilet paper provided. No feminine hygiene products or foreign objects shall ever be flushed. If it is found that misuse resulted in a clog or other damage, guests may be charged for damages.


HOUSEKEEPING - There is no daily housekeeping or laundry provided. While one set of towels and linen are included, daily maid service is not included in the rental rate. Missing or damaged linen, pillows, blankets, etc will be charged to guests at replacement value. Towels and linen are for use in the cottage only.


MAINTENANCE POLICY - If you have an emergency issue after hours please call the number provided to you at check-in. (e.g. Heat is not working, no water, or a safety issue, etc.) All other maintenance issues should be called in during normal business hours. These would include problems with the television, gas fireplace, etc. If you have a medical emergency you should call 911.


REPAIRS – SERVICE CALLS - Misty Mountain Inn cannot guarantee against mechanical failure of heating, air conditioning, water, TVs, Satellite Receivers, DVD players, internet, or other services. Please report any equipment that is not operating properly and we will make every effort to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

OWNER ACCESS - Guests shall allow the owner or designated agents access to the property for purposes of repair, emergency power/water outage, and inspection. We shall do this reasonably and provide as much notice as possible.


GATHERINGS OR MEETINGS - Guests shall not hold meetings, ceremonies, or other gatherings without expressed permission and coordination with MMIC.


HOT TUB - The hot tub is seasonally available. Please check with the staff to verify the hot tub is open and ready for use. If open, the hot tub is available from 12 pm to 10 pm and users should be considerate of all guests by using the tub in 1-hour blocks. Additionally, regardless of the time of day, keep noise to a minimum while using the hot tub. Other rules;

  • No children under the age of 13 or infants are allowed.

  • Please shower before using the tub to remove make-up, sun-screen, insect repellent, or any other oil-based products.

  • Only clean swimwear may be worn in the tub as the chemicals in the water will remove the colored dyes found in ordinary clothing, causing them to leach into the water and turn it cloudy.

  • Prevent accidental drowning. Leave the hot tub cover on and latched when the spa is unsupervised.

  • Prevent Hyperthermia. Understand that alcohol and other medications greatly increase the chance of hyperthermia – the opposite of hypothermia. This occurs when the internal body temperature reaches several degrees above the normal temperature of 98.6 degrees.

  • Glass. Don’t do it, ever. Trust us.

  • Do not use a hot tub if you are taking any medication that makes you drowsy or affects your circulation; if necessary, check with your doctor. Pregnant women and the elderly should also consult their doctor before using a hot tub.

  • Do not use the hot tub if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs as your judgment will be impaired and you could become unconscious and drown.

  • No smoking is permitted in or around the tub.

  • People with cuts or external infections should not use the tub

SURRENDER - Tenant will deliver and surrender to Landlord possession of the Premises immediately upon the expiration of the Term or the termination of this Agreement, clean and in as good condition and repair as the Premises was at the commencement of the Term, reasonable wear and tear excepted.

Unless this Agreement has been extended by mutual written agreement of the Parties, there will be no holding over past the Term under the terms of this Agreement under any circumstances. If it becomes necessary to commence legal action to remove the Tenant from the Premises, the prevailing party will be entitled to attorney's fees and costs in addition to damages.

Arrival/Departure Times
Additional Guests
Quiet Time
Owner Access

Serenity Cottage



  1 Bed




  1 Bath

  2 Guests


Pet Friendly*

The cozy Serenity Cottage is a serene and tranquil studio cabin perched apart from the others on the bank of the brook. Level parking & just 1 step! The cabin sleeps 2 and has a fully equipped kitchenette (Oven/Stove). The beautiful wood-burning fireplace provides perfect ambiance while a brand-new state-of-the-art HVAC...                    

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